In March of 2008, two members of the Unfettered Mind Ning discovered they had both been transcribing podcasts for their own use. They realized that, between them, they had transcribed a large number of talks.

As word of this project spread, a network of people in Ireland, Switzerland, Malta, Canada, the US, and New Zealand began working together. Through the ideas and efforts of many, a system has gradually evolved for creating and publishing transcripts of classes and retreats.

Several transcripts are now ready: you can view them by clicking any of the classes or categories in the upper left, or exploring more “freestyle” using the tag cloud on the right.

We are issuing these transcripts under a Creative Commons license, to encourage people to share them, but to prevent them from being altered or used for commercial purposes.

You will notice speaker icons at various points in the transcripts. When you click on one, you will hear a clip of the section of the transcript immediately following the icon.

What’s next?

After a bit of discussion, the Leadership Team and Ken have set the goal to complete publication of all 37 Then and Now Transcripts to the web, with full-text and indexed search capability by the close of 2010.

These resources are free. Your support, through donations, will keep them available to everyone. To donate, please click here.