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A Light in the Dark

passage from text: Now, as you experience this vague knowing in which there is no thought or movement, look at what knows that this is happening, look at what is mentally or emotionally inert, and rest there. Then you experience an awareness that is free from thought and movement, has no sense of inside or outside, and is utterly clear and transparent, like space. Experience and experiencing are not separate. Yet you are unshakeable about what you are, thinking, “This is all there is!”

Translation - prayer

A Prayer Song to Mother Labkyi Drönma

passage from text:
Whatever appearances of happiness and suffering arise,
Look at their essence and they will spontaneously subside.
This is the mahamudra of making all tastes equal.

Translation - prayer

A Shower of Energy

passage from text:
In these ways, all experience, appearance, sound, or thought,
Are signs that point me to know directly the nature of being.
They are solely expressions of my magnificent teacher.
In recollecting your great kindness, I pray to you.
Give me the energy to know directly the nature of all experience.

Translation - prayer

All the Matter in the World

passage from text:
All the matter of the world,living and not living,
Appear as objects to my eyes.
Let me rest in the appearance of things,without seeing them as things.

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Aspirations for Mahamudra

passage from text:
It doesn’t exist: even buddhas do not see it.
It doesn’t not exist: it is the basis of samsara and nirvana.
No contradiction: the middle way is union.
May I know the pure being of mind,free of extremes.

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Daily Bodhisattva Vow Ceremony

passage from text:
This day my life is fruitful.
I have claimed my human heritage.
Today I am born into the family of the awakened.
Now I am a child of buddha.
From now on I will do only what befits this family.
I will do nothing to disgrace this noble and faultless family.

Translation - prayer

Devotion Pierces My Heart

passage from text:
Even with a free and well-favored birth, I waste this life.
The meaningless activities of conventional life constantly distract me.
When I work at freedom, which is truly important, laziness carries me away.
Because I am turning away from a land of jewels with my hands empty,
Guru, think of me: look upon me quickly with compassion.
Give me energy to make my life worthwhile.

Translation - prayer

Ever-present Good's Prayer of Intention

passage from text:
Through my awakened intention
May all who are quarrelsome and competitive
Stop their hostility and relax where they are.
As knowing finds its own place,
May they attain the pristine awareness of effective action.

Translation - prayer

Guru Yoga Prayer

In response to many students’ requests for a clear and simple translation of this classical and deeply revered prayer, Ken McLeod in Los Angeles put these words together as best he could.


Mind Training in Eight Verses

passage from text:
No matter where, no matter who,
In no way am I better, I deem.
As for others, in my heart
I hold them humbly in high esteem.

Translation - prayer

Mountain Offering Ritual

passage from text:
May we acquire all the abilities of the ground, path, and fruition.
And clear away all disruptions in outlook, practice, and behavior.
In the infinite expanse of the wonderful mind of Ever-present Good,
May we take hold of eternal being in the youthful vase body.

Translation - Prayer

Opening a Path to the Ocean of Awakening Mind

passage from translation:
I and all beings, in their infinities,
Whether demonic, crippling or alien,
Are, in the end, the same in emptiness.
Confused is the person who takes what is empty as real.

Translation - prayer

The Ship Which Sets Beings Free

passage from text:
By understanding the effects of good and bad actions,whatever their importance,
May I be able to keep to the workings of seed and result.
By seeing clearly the suffering in the three realms of samsara,
May I develop the renunciation to leave samsara’s domain.

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The Short Vajradhara Prayer

passage from text:
The essence of thought is what is,
it is taught.
To this meditator who arises as an unceasing play,
Being nothing at all,but arising as anything,
Give me energy to know that samsara and nirvana are not separate.

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A Song on the Six Perfections

passage from text:
For meditative stability, nothing to do,
Other than rest in presence.