Ethical Framework


Unfettered Mind provides resources to those interested in spiritual awakening, that is, in finding a path of practice and a way of life that progressively frees them from deadening beliefs and behaviors and enables them to be awake and engaged in the fullness of life. To this end Unfettered Mind draws primarily but not exclusively from the teachings and practices of Buddhism.

As a non-profit organization in the United States of America, Unfettered Mind is bound by and respects the laws and regulations governing such organizations.


Ethical behavior is an appropriate response to the trust others have placed in one. In the case of Unfettered Mind, the basis for trust is the pursuit in good faith of a path of awakening.

In Unfettered Mind’s approach to spiritual awakening, two fundamental principles are balance and personal responsibility.

Balance is the union of knowing and acting at the point at which experience arises. Because life is dynamic, imbalances inevitably arise and call for a response, even if the response is no action. The essential ethical obligation is to move in the direction of balance, responding to what arises in experience to the best of one’s abilities. Obligation arises out of a personal choice as to where one takes a stand in response to imbalance.

Personal responsibility means that it is the individual who decides what to do and, consequently, is responsible for his or her actions. No way of life nor any path of practice can ensure that everything turns out as one expected or intended. When things turn out differently, the ethical response is to learn from one’s experience, not to hold others accountable for problems stemming from one’s own actions.

Unfettered Mind provides resources — teachers, programs and information —for those who have a genuine interest in spiritual awakening, have the skills and abilities to manage their own lives and have a capacity for independent discipline and practice. Unfettered Mind does not provide psychotherapy or seek to address psychological issues or personality disorders in people who make use of its resources.

While people who make use of Unfettered Mind’s resources may have similar interests, Unfettered Mind is not a membership organization or community.

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