Ethical Framework


The three bases of relationship — transactional, undertaking and connection — provide a framework for understanding the relationships in which Unfettered Mind engages, namely, the relationships with students, donors and followers.

Students are those who attend programs or consult with a teacher at Unfettered Mind. Donors are those who donate their time, energy or money to the furtherance of Unfettered Mind’s purpose. Followers are those who listen to podcasts and make use of Unfettered Mind’s published resources but do not attend programs or consult with a teacher.

A transactional relationship is a relationship in which the parties are primarily interested in what they can gain from the relationship. When the transactions are made with the intention that all parties benefit, it becomes a mutual benefit relationship. An undertaking relationship is a relationship in which the parties are primarily interested in what can be accomplished or achieved through the relationship. When an undertaking is a common aim of all, it becomes a shared aim relationship. A connection relationship is a relationship in which the parties are primarily interested in the interaction itself, and what can be gained or accomplished is less important. When all enjoy or value the emotional quality of the interaction, it becomes an emotional connection relationship.

The teacher-student relationship is primarily a shared aim relationship in which the teacher and student undertake to define a path of practice for the student in his or her pursuit of spiritual awakening. A student is only a student when the teacher has explicitly accepted the student as a student and the student has explicitly accepted the teacher as his or her teacher.

Unfettered Mind has a shared aim relationship with donors, that is, through the executive director and the board of directors, the time, energy or money of donors is used to make teachings and guidance available to others, whether through programs or through publications. Donors include those who donate money as well as those who volunteer their time, energy and skills to work on projects associated with Unfettered Mind.

Unfettered Mind makes material on spiritual awakening freely available as a public service. People who follow Unfettered Mind, through the website, books, podcasts or other media do so of their own volition and out of their own interest. Unfettered Mind cannot and does not take any responsibility for how people make use of the information it provides.

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