Ethical Framework

Donors and Volunteers

The fulfillment of Unfettered Mind’s purpose is made possible through the donations of those who value the resources it provides. All donors, whether students or not, whether they donate time, skills, energy or money, participate in a shared aim relationship with Unfettered Mind, namely they and Unfettered Mind are undertaking to make resources for spiritual growth and awakening available. Unfettered Mind is responsible for providing those resources and doing so in good faith and with integrity.

All donations to Unfettered Mind, whether of time or money, are used to support Unfettered Mind’s purpose. They are not used for the personal benefit of individuals.

A person’s donation of time, energy or money must be such that the donation or volunteer activity does not create imbalances in his or her life. If a teacher or project leader sees a donor or student’s donation or volunteer activity as creating an imbalance, then he or she needs to bring that imbalance to the individual’s attention and, possibly, decline the donation or redirect the volunteer’s activity to address the imbalance.

In the case of conflict between a student’s donation of time, energy or money and the student’s path of practice, the student’s path of practice takes precedence.


Unfettered Mind provides information on practice and life through its website as well as books, articles, email newsletters and other media.

Accordingly, Unfettered Mind will do its best to ensure that the material it provides is accurate and of good quality, that it acknowledges the provenance of the material and that it provides appropriate attribution.

Unfettered Mind makes this material available free of charge. Those who make use of the information are encouraged to become donors, i.e., to make whatever contribution they can to help Unfettered Mind fulfill its purpose.

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