Facing Fear

At least twice a day, sit and evoke the feeling you have identified. Bring it up and be it. It will release. When it does, evoke it again. Keep entering the feeling by evoking it until you can stay in it. Your relationship with the feeling will change.

When you can evoke the feeling at will, begin to work in your daily life. Recognize the feeling when it arises during the day and be it. Remember the feeling or evoke it. Then engage your regular activities while you are the feeling. Look at the world while you live in the feeling. In this step, you see clearly that the way the feeling causes you to experience the world is purely projection.

Finally, whenever you can, look at what is experiencing being the feeling. This step usually precipitates clarity and non-separation experiences. Work at this until you can be the feeling and look at what it is simultaneously.

When you can be the feeling and know its nature simultaneously, the feeling no longer has any power over you. You are free from its projections and experience what arises just as it is. You no longer believe what the feeling says about the world, so the impulse to go to war, to fight, to grasp at security, or to protect status dissipates. Because you see clearly, you are more likely to notice what is out of balance. And you understand the connections between imbalances and suffering in the world. Buddhist practice is not an effort to confirm or validate a sense of what we are. It is about seeing and experiencing what is. We let go of fixed positions as we understand that all experience is ineffable. We let go of hope and aspirations as we understand that eternal bliss is not an option. We let go of trying to make the world or us into something solid as we understand that all experience arises and subsides. Instead of reacting to fear and terror with hatred, discrimination, or confusion, we live in awareness, not looking to the past or the future for meaning or motivation, but responding precisely and appropriately to imbalance and the needs of the present.

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