Taking The Vow Of Refuge

Three Activities to Develop

Honoring of Buddha
All depictions of Buddha instantly remind us of what is truly meaningful. Thus, it is appropriate to honor and treat them with respect.

Confidence in the Dharma
Confidence in the Dharma sustains you in your practice. True confidence arises when you know the Dharma as direct experience.

Respect and support for the sangha
You honor, respect and support those who have taken monastic ordination regardless of their actual ability or character. The monastic sangha has provided Buddhism with a wonderful continuity through the centuries and will continue to play a central role in maintaining transmissions, rituals, learning and other key elements.

Secondly, you honor, respect and support those from whom you receive guidance and instruction. Many of the people we will learn from live ordinary lives externally. This ordinariness in no way decreases their value in our lives. The human teacher is the most important teacher because he or she is your contact with the teachings and path of practice.

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