N&B: Dismantling Behavioral Patterns

Dismantling patterns using a process based on the four noble truths (from Awakening From Belief 11), working with patterns that prevent behavioral changes, how to deal with physical sensations that may arise when working with patterns.

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Chö 6

Other methods of Chö ritual; simpler form of Chö ritual; guided visualizations.

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Chö 5

Recitation of daily Chö ritual; guided visualization; purification practice; simpler form of transference practice; white feast and red feast visualizations.

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Chö 4

Recitation of daily Chö ritual with commentary; opening the door to the sky transference; visualization instruction combining syllables, colours, body and six realms; commentary on transference.

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Chö 2

Motivation for Chö: transforming our experience of disturbances and negativity as embodied in the eight demonic obsessions; outer, inner and mystical refuge: opening to the totality of experience; visualizing and inviting Machik Labdrön and the four guests.

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Chö 1

Origins of Chö from the Diamond Sutra; Machik Labdron and Padampa Sangye; definition of Chö as creating difficult experiences and developing the ability to experience them completely; Chö vs Shi-jé; relationship between Chö and taking and sending; outer, inner, and secret Chö.