N&B: Experiencing Patterns

A description of physical and emotional sensations when a pattern begins to dissolve (from Awakening From Belief 11), questions about obsession and working with the core of a pattern.

Podcast with transcript

N&B - Mind and Experience

A look at mind and experience from the Heart Sutra Workshop retreat followed by questions on if there is a difference between mind and experience, and experience and dependent origination.


Seek Knowing, Not Truth

passage from article: Lineage is not the passing on of “The Truth” from one generation to another. It is the passing on of the methods, the tools, with which you uncover and live this natural knowing.


Freedom and Choice

passage from article: What is freedom? It is the moment by moment experience of not being run by one’s own reactive mechanisms. Does that give you more choice? Usually not.


Sutra Session 20

If being here “this way” is completely unacceptable, what are the alternatives? Being with resentment, victimhood, old habits, fear of change, and other stories we tell ourselves.


A Trackless Path II 11

Four pitfalls of Mahamudra: making an object out of experience; thinking you can make thoughts or experience empty; thinking that naming things is enough; “buy now, pay later” — practicing to get enlightened.


Chaos and Clarity 3

The relationship between what is experienced and experiencing; is form an illusion?, the worlds of personal and shared experience, objective reality as an abstraction of individual experiences, meditation instruction on working with sensory experience