Removing Obstacles and Seeing the Basis in Relationships

passage from article: Imbalance in a relationship, whatever the basis of the relationship, inevitably leads to lack of respect on one side and resentment on the other. Relationships can and do endure periods of imbalance. Sooner or later, however, the imbalance must be addressed if the relationship is to continue.


Chaos and Clarity 7

Explanation of purposes behind a paired exercise held earlier in day, reading from the Diamond Sutra’s passage on being ruled or not ruled by objects, expansion on various commentaries regarding above passage, Q&A regarding material covered during the retreat


Chaos and Clarity 6

The four factors of chaos in awareness: disturbance, fixation, control, and dependence; meditation instruction on experiencing these factors


Chaos and Clarity 5

Follow-up on life’s purpose in the world of personal or total experience, practice questions from meditation instruction in CAC 4 and from life experiences, how to transform prejudice, shutting down, contraction, and envy


Chaos and Clarity 4

Knowing things completely, the four factors of emotional chaos: prejudice, shutting down, contraction, and envy; the purpose of life in the world of shared experience v. the purpose of life in the world of personal experience, meditation instruction on working with the four factors of chaos at the level of emotional experienc


Chaos and Clarity 2

Not getting caught up in distractions, overview of retreat content, form as all sensory experience (the difference between observing and experiencing): posture and sitting, walking, and interacting with objects, four reactions at the level of sensory experience