N&B - Working With The Breath

A meditation technique based on the Full Awareness of Breathing Sutra; a discussion based on the distinction between resting and observing when working with the breath


Where's Buddha? Where's God?

Discussion and questions on the similarities and differences between prayer and meditation. Looking at the religious icons of Christ on the cross and the Buddha sitting in meditation. Descriptions of some different types of prayer – petitionary, centering, and unitive. Is meditation directed inward and prayer directed outward? Prayer as a way of building an emotional connection; meditation as a way of building capacity. Questions from participants.


Sutra Session 28

Meditating on your last breath. Is doing your best enough? Incorporating what arises in practice. The inevitability of death. But I am not really dying. Letting go of what you feel you’re suppose to feel. Working with things you don’t like.


The Magic of Faith

passage from text:
Beings are numberless: I vow to free them all.
Reactions are endless: I vow to release them all.
Doors to experience are infinite: I vow to enter them all.
Ways of awakening are limitless: I vow to know them all.


Four Immeasurables

passage from text:
May I be happy, well, and at peace.
May I open to things just as they are.
May I experience the world opening to me just as I am.
May I welcome whatever arises.


Five Elements

passage from text:
When my mind is the silver dakini of water,
I see these reactions to be the phantoms they are.
In the mirror of mind what appears is just there.
Free from fear I see clearly how all things are.


Five-Step Mindfulness Practice

passage from text:
Breathing in I feel this emotion/pain/problem
Breathing out I feel this emotion

Podcast with transcript

Mountain, Sea, and Sky (transcribed)

A series of guided meditations beginning with “body like a mountain”, opening to the experience of the body sitting, free from any kind of effort, and grounding awareness in the present. With “breath like the sea”, opening to the constant movement of the breath, like the waves in the sea, up and down. Finally, “mind like the sky”, receiving everything that arises and not reacting or controlling. Participant experience at each stage of the process.