N&B: Addiction

A look at addicition from Monsters Under The Bed 4, questions on alcohol, pornography, and shame.


Sutra Session 16

How do I deal with anxiety when meditating? Impermanence and the four ends. Guilt and morality. Shame and joy. What is the future of buddhism? Messing with your practice.

Podcast with transcript

Then and Now, Class 11

Appreciating and living the three facts of impermanence: death is certain, time of death uncertain, and we take nothing with us into death; regret and death; moving beyond child-like morality of right and wrong; impermanence and the intensification of life experience; value of being able to experience life fully; how to do reflective meditations such as death and impermanence; how to use physical and emotional reactions in these meditations. The Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa, commentary on Chapter 4.