Translation - prayer

The Ship Which Sets Beings Free

passage from text:
By understanding the effects of good and bad actions,whatever their importance,
May I be able to keep to the workings of seed and result.
By seeing clearly the suffering in the three realms of samsara,
May I develop the renunciation to leave samsara’s domain.

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A Trackless Path 14

Point of practice; paramitas; being without reference; discussion of protector principle and the relationship of protector principle to protector rituals; transmission rituals; longing can easily degenerate into greed; further discussion of “The Wisdom Experience of Ever-present Good.”

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Guru, Deity, Protector 9

Questions regarding sky gazing and protectors, a story about yidams, a story about protectors, review of various lines of transmissions and lineages

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Guru, Deity, Protector 7

Description of protectors and commentary on related text, importance of moderation in protector practices, connection between the three roots (guru, deity, and protector) and the three marks of existence (suffering, non-self, impermanence), questions on above

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Guru, Deity, Protector 6

Discussion on enchantment with dakini and protector practices and how that connects with the origin of these practices, protector meditation instruction and questions