Translation - prayer

Devotion Pierces My Heart

passage from text:
Even with a free and well-favored birth, I waste this life.
The meaningless activities of conventional life constantly distract me.
When I work at freedom, which is truly important, laziness carries me away.
Because I am turning away from a land of jewels with my hands empty,
Guru, think of me: look upon me quickly with compassion.
Give me energy to make my life worthwhile.

Translation - prayer

Mountain Offering Ritual

passage from text:
May we acquire all the abilities of the ground, path, and fruition.
And clear away all disruptions in outlook, practice, and behavior.
In the infinite expanse of the wonderful mind of Ever-present Good,
May we take hold of eternal being in the youthful vase body.

Podcast with transcript

Then and Now, Class 2

What is the question for which Buddha nature is the answer?; what is Buddha nature; Buddha nature is not a thing; difference between knowing and understanding; Buddha nature and emptiness; why it is possible to awaken; exploring potential and motivation; questions and answers. The Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa, commentary on Chapter 1.


The Unfettered Mind 2

Knowing versus understanding; mind as experience; the relationship between mind and reality; Buddhism as a set of tools to understand how things are; seven techniques for mind nature practice: letting the mind settle, dropping the mind, opening the mind, looking at the mind, letting the mind go, focusing the mind, and joining the mind with the object; questions from retreat participants; instruction on sky gazing.