When Energy Runs Wild

The Experience of Energy Transformation

Energy transformation experiences vary greatly from person to person. Sometimes, you look at the world around you, and it all dissolves into light. Sometimes, you look at another person, and colors are reversed. Unfamiliar sensations arise in your body, sometimes pleasant, sometimes decidedly unpleasant. You have difficulty sleeping. You feel wired all the time. For no apparent reason, you can’t focus. You are deeply unsettled. Perhaps you feel a sensation of warmth in your belly, quietly insistent. Maybe you see strange lights in front of your eyes.

You can also experience overwhelming bliss, of the intensity of orgasm, physically or mentally, or both. You may feel sensations of movement in parts of your body, particularly up the back or up the spine or out through the crown of your head. You may have inexplicable but intense sexual desire, or desire for various foods, particularly protein-rich foods.

Again, emotional reactions arise suddenly for no apparent reason. Maybe you are unusually reactive, hardly able to bite your tongue before you take someone’s head off, for no reason you can discern.

Maybe you rest in an imperturbable calm and you wonder what happened to all your ordinary reactions. Your mind and body are utterly at peace. Thoughts, if they are present at all, are like wisps of mist in an autumn morning. Your mind may be almost painfully clear and you have the sense of knowing what others are thinking before they open their mouths.

Any and all of these experiences may arise. They may last from a few minutes to several hours, even days or weeks. You may have difficulty functioning normally because of their intensity, whether they are positive experiences or negative.

They arise because energy has been or is being released from old patterns, because of your practice or for other reasons. As the energy surges through your system, many kinds of sensory sensations, pleasant and unpleasant, are triggered. Over time, the energy usually balances out and you find a way to relate to the world with a higher degree of attention.

Some people seek out the positive energy shifts and surges. They may use intensive yoga or other forms of physical exertion to induce them. They may use energy manipulation methods derived from qi gong or other systems. They may use drugs or other artificial methods. In effect, they get high on energy, and, over time, will experience many of the problems normally associated with addiction.

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