Transcription: Who and How

In 2008, a couple of students interacting on UM’s Ning site that discovered they were both transcribing Ken’s talks to deepen their study and practice. One thing led to another, and a team of volunteers quickly formed to create the transcripts, audio clips, search tools and other features you find here.

The challenge of communicating across many time zones, and an expansive and changing vision of possibilities led to the creation of three distinct teams (transcribing, taxonomy and audio clips), with the team leaders and Ken meeting online each month to coordinate efforts.

The taxonomy team soon evolved into two groups, one to define and develop key search terms and the other to implement search capability. The transcribing team also split into two with one handling transcribing and the other editing. A fourth group manages the recording and posting of talks as podcasts, underpinning the efforts of all the others.

The result is the ongoing publication of high quality transcripts with accompanying audio clips for each section and the ability to search the transcripts for key concepts.

The Process

Unfettered Mind Publishing Process

The Teams

Project and Team CoordinationValerie Brewster, Jesse Wolfe, Ann Braun
PodcastingMichael Burns
Information ArchitectureLaura Trippi
Site DesignLaura Trippi, Jesse Wolfe
GlossaryGeorge Draffan, Charles Goodman
Process DesignValerie Brewster, Margaret Gouin, Laura Trippi,
Jesse Wolfe, Mark Johnson
Infrastructure DevelopmentJesse Wolfe
Audio ClipsClemens Lee


Jeff Bickford
Michael Burns
Elena Degl’Innocenti
Lynea Diaz-Hagan
George Draffan
Steve Postell
Molly White
Peter Wood


Ann Braun
Fred Binchy
Joel Botwick
Sarah Burrowes
Keith Chapman
Dan Clapsadle
Mark Clark
Anne Conn
Loren Enders
Ellen Fishman
Chris Gardiner
Janet Hathaway
Lynett Koetz
Cara Maidment
Donna Millen
Lucy Morris
Tracy Ormond
Kaz Ogino
Ray Schut
Mary Souchik
Ole Visnes
Gabrielle Werffeli
Jesse Wolfe


Muddy Bill
Brad Blanchard
Ann Braun
Carolyn Bremer
Valerie Brewster
Robert Cornell
Loren Enders
Chris Gardiner
Charles Goodman
Rik Jespersen
Bernadette Macmillan
Anna Moudrakovskaia
Nicholas O’Berry
Debra Saturday
Christy Stebbins
Jesse Wolfe
Bobby Zahn

Audio Clips

Ann Braun
Valerie Brewster
Ellen Fishman
Janet Hathaway
Clemens Lee
Andy McClellan
Tracy Ormond


Valerie Brewster
Michael Burns
George Draffan
Mark Johnson
Clemens Lee
Charlie Stevenson
Laura Trippi
Jesse Wolfe